VACANT:142 - Nutrition & Dietetics
Organisatie: Public Healthcare Regio: Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
Internship organization
Since 2007 the public health care in Nicaragua is free. The aim is that the entire population has access to at least basic health care. In practice the public health care faces big problems due to e.g. lack of facilities, medicines and very low salaries of employees, which does not motivate people to make the best of it.
On Ometepe Island there is one nutritionist available for the public health care. She operates at a hospital helping the patients who stay there, but she also does many consultations at different health centers in and around the town. The most common patients groups are: malnourished children, pregnant teenagers/women and patients with diabetes.
There is also a kind of ‘inspection’ that carries out hygiene inspections at e.g. restaurants and public places. Here you can help with finding solutions for actual problems, such as: stagnant wastewater, insects and poor cleaning habits. Also providing information/education is very important.
Working hours are basically from Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm. The number of patients that are treated per day varies considerably. The nutritionist spends much time on providing information/education to patients, and this is also something where you can help.
Activities for trainees
Examples of activities:
·         Assisting with consultations and after some time if possible doing consultations yourself
·         Creating educational materials for different target groups
·         Hygiene inspections of businesses and public areas
·         There are also many research possibilities
Local Supervision
A certified nutritionist who works fulltime.
There is still a lot to do in the field of nutrition in Nicaragua. Malnutrition among children and adults are the order of the day, there is a lack of knowledge and the possibilities for change are limited due to lack of finance and a very one-sided food culture. 
Be aware that the nutritionist is also assignedmany other activities, that are often not related to nutrition.
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