VACANT:141 - Nutrition & Dietetics
Organisatie: Stichting voor tieners en alleenstaande moeders Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization

For about ten years this foundation focuses on the problems of the children in the market area, mainly children of single mothers. The foundation is looking for ways to broaden their help to the (young) single mothers, who are asking more and more for their help. The foundation is working to create and maintain a walk-in center for pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers. This center will provide teenage-mothers-to-be with (practical) help. One of the starting points for healthcare help for both mother and the unborn child is nutritional advice, both during pregnancy as well as afterwards. The mothers often lack basic knowledge of nutrition.
Originally the foundation was founded to help children between the age 0-5, mostly from single mothers who work on the streets or at the market, so the children will have a safe place to spend the day. Over the years the foundation was confronted with other needs of the mothers and has developed other services, such as workshops for mothers to learn different skills they can put into practice.

The foundation has two daycare centers, one in Quito and one in Otavalo, and one shelter which provides free lunches for youngsters living on the streets and workshops. The daycare serves about 110 babies and kids and has 10 employees. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8.00am - 4.30pm.

Activities for trainees
Internship possibilities:

Daily routine: the intake of teenage mothers (overall health, nutritional data, etc). Providing general nutritional information to the mothers-to-be and answering specific inquiries.

At the daycare centers: taking care of the overall nutritional needs of 100 children at the daycare center. Prepare and give workshops for the parents about nutrition and its importance. Improve the daily menu at the centers.

The intern will prepare a week schedule in coordination with his/her supervisor to divide the working hours between take-ins/walk-ins, home visits and other nutritional clinics outside of the center.

For guidance on nutritional issues the nutritionist from the local health center and state maternity hospital will be available. For questions about the day-to-day business the manager of the foundation will be there for you.


Before starting your internship you must speak at least the basics of Spanish, so you can communicate with your internship guide and patients. You can achieve this by taking a Spanish course in Ecuador. You need to be patient, and be able to take initiative and have organizational skills.
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