VACANT:134 - Fysiotherapie
Organisatie: Bejaardenhuis Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization
A home for the elderly which is for 70% financed by the state and for 30% by a church. Approximately 280 elderly people are sheltered here. It concerns (former) homeless elderly or elderly being dropped off by their relatives, because the relatives cannot take care of them anymore.
The elderly who are still mentally and physically able to, are helping out with the daily chorus, such as cooking, cleaning, etc. It is a well-organized project with all necessities available, such as orthopedic materials and wheelchairs. The shelter also includes professional employees, such as a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, psychiatrist, etc. Sometimes even hairdressers and beauticians come to attend the elderly. But they can always use more help and care, especially because most elderly are lonesome.
Activities for interns
Internship possibilities:
As a physiotherapist intern you will be supervised by a physiotherapist who works from Mon-Fri from 8am - 3pm. There is a well-equipped therapy area available. The main focus will be on patient groups with rheumatism, parkinson and rehabilitation after operations.
You can treat your own patients under supervision of the physiotherapist and/or set-up several group therapies for the different patient groups
Before starting your internship you must speak at least the basics of Spanish, so you can communicate with your internship supervisor and patients. You can achieve this by taking an intensive Spanish course in Ecuador. You need to be patient, and be able to take imitative and have organizational skills.
On working days you can join the lunch offered at the elderly home for free. Internet is also available at the elderly home.
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