VACANT:126 - Sociale studies
Organisatie: Weeshuis Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization

This Christian orphanage offers housing and care to children with normal and special needs. They are divided in three different houses in and around Quito. The environment provides physical and emotional support, spiritual nurturing, and lots of tender loving care. The children at the orphanage range from newborns to 17 years of age. About 35% of the children have moderate or severe special needs, almost all have been abandoned.

The founders started the orphanage in 1990 and began caring for abandoned and orphaned children as foster parents, receiving referrals to care for severely malnourished, premature and disabled children. The orphanage grew from one child in 1990 to now more than 500 children who have been housed and helped.

Loving and attentive caregivers take care of four to five children. The family-like environment is warm, bright and cheerful. If required, a child receives speech and physical therapy. Older children receive learning programs appropriate for their age and abilities.


To help homeless children providing care in a loving and supportive environment; striving to unite them with their biological or adoptive family; and advocating on their behalf to others.

Activities for interns
Internship possibilities:

Depending on your exact career, interest and level of Spanish there are many internship possibilities over here. A lot of educational support can be given. But also on the issues as how to raise the kids and which pedagogic methods to use for punishing and rewarding the kids. When you are interested we will design a internship assignment that suits you and the orphanage.

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