VACANT:122 - Sport, Lichamelijke Opvoeding
Organisatie: Publieke basisschool Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization

Despite the fact that education is compulsory in Nicaragua, many children do not go to school. To increase the number of school children and to reduce costs, classes are only held half days. In this way teachers are able to teach two classes per day and the children are able to help in the household or work after school (which is officially forbidden).

The quality of public education in Nicaragua is generally very poor due to the lack of teachers, poor salaries and a lack of proper teaching materials. Often youth of 15 or 16 years old still attend elementary school, because of their educational gap or because they started to attend school at later age. Many children cannot properly read, write and control numeracy when they leave elementary school. Also gymnastics and sports are not a priority.

This primary school has approximately 650 students and is therefore relatively big. Three days a week there is a gym teacher present who teaches sports classes to half of the children. Beside a ball and an open space, there are actually no sports facilities and materials available.

Activities for interns

Description of possible activities:

• The goal of the gym classes is not only to improve physical health, but also to teach norms and values and to improve behaviour and manners. You can help here and conduct your own research or set up a project.

• Assisting and organizing sports classes

• Organizing school tournaments or inter-school tournaments (depending on the time of the year)

• Training the school team. At the beginning of the school year a sport team is composed of the best athletes, who will compete at regional, provincial and national level. These sports will mainly be soccer and baseball.


You should be creative, flexible, energetic and be open to new experiences. You must be willing to work on your Spanish skills, because it is the only language spoken at the primary school. Furthermore, you should be able to work independently and be good at organizing.

In Nicaragua you can take an intensive Spanish course of 3 or 4 weeks to learn basic Spanish, which will be sufficient for your internship.
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