VACANT:121 - Sociale studies / PABO
Organisatie: Kinder- en gezinszorg Regio: Ambato, Ecuador
Internship organization
This foundation supports projects which are run by local people for local people, the only exception is one Dutch woman who helps with fundraising and organizing. The target group are children younger than 18 years old and their families. The professional team offers social and psychological services to accompany the families in finding their own solutions to their problems, always with the final goal of reuniting the child with its family.

The foundation offers systemic family services programs, focusing on re-establishing and maintaining the link between children and their families. The educational, socio-psychological and medical services which they offer, are always temporary and concentrated on the stimulation and facilitation. Commitment from the families is required: they need to show collaboration and openness to structural changes, which will benefit themselves and their children.

The foundation works closely together with the governmental institutions involved in the protection of children. The center has two programs:

Systemic Family Services –The goal is to guide 80 underprivileged families with children each year, in such a way that they can function in a totally independent way. The members of the local technical team (social worker, psychologists and family therapists) mainly work within the home environment. They offer the children in-need and their multi-problematic families socio-psychological, medical and educational services and they organize workshops in the center. The local team also applies systematic therapy.

Temporary Institutional Custody – They offer temporary custody to children from 3 till 10 years old, who are send to them by the Children's courts or police. In those cases they offer immediate protection, because they are street children or victims of maltreatment and abuse. In the center they receive a roof above their head, food, care and education. About 30 kids are sheltered at the center. Also the technical teams of psychologists, therapists and social workers conduct research on the family situation and together with the family they write a supervision plan with personal goals. The foundation accompanies the families in resolving their own problems until they can take care of their own children. When a child is placed back it its family, the foundation keeps a close watch and keeps offering guidance.

Activities for interns
Internship possibilities:

Students from all kind of social studies, such as pedagogy, psychology, creative therapy, etc. and also educational students (PABO) are very welcome. Examples of activities you can work on:
·         Assisting the caretakers of the children in helping with their daily care (washing, eating, teeth brushing, playing, tucking to bed), help with their homework, organize activities (sports, dance, dress-ups, parties, etc.). Also you are welcome to participate in the meeting about the progress and behavior of the kids and to accompany the kids with their medical visits, etc.
·         Depending on your level of Spanish you can also work with the psychologists during their group, family and/ or individual therapies.
·         Attending case meetings, home visits, analyze family circumstances, prepare treatment-plans, prepare evaluations and help making reports. Also it is appreciated when you help preparing/ designing workshops, etc.
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