VACANT:120 - Media & Entertainment
Organisatie: TV production company Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization
This production company receives a lot of commercial assignments for promotional videos and institutional videos from both private and government owned companies, such as: banks, hospitals, etc. They also make their own programs, which they sell to both national and international television channels, such as a documentary about soccer. This documentary is about a salesman of 'empanadas' who works in the soccer station since he was eight years old and who works as a chess-teacher at night.
Activities for interns
Examples of activities: Help with the design and all parts of the production process of different products, such as: institutional videos, promotional campaigns, documentaries, television shows and postproduction.
During the internship you will be working both at the production office 'in the field' under supervision of an all-round employee who speaks a bit English. At the office a desk with computer will be available for you.
Most of your colleagues will only speak Spanish, and the productions will also be in Spanish. It is recommended to take an intensive Spanish course of several weeks in Quito prior your internship.
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