VACANT:112 - Business/Economics, Tourism
Organisatie: Tours, Spanish, Volunteering Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization

This company, owned by a Dutch couple, consists more or less of two independent business compartments. Approximately 25 persons are fulltime employed by the company and it is situated at the touristical center of Quito.

A) Spanish Language School: focuses on selling language courses, all inclusive packages with a Spanish course, housing and optionally voluntary work
B) Travel agency: sells complete travel packages to whole sale clients and individual customers

Activities for interns
Internship possibilities:
- for several sustainable projects they are looking for a good communacation plan about thier activities focussed on tourism. It mainly concerns small scale local initiatives that they would like to support with visits by tourists, but where the skills about communication lack to make this a succes. For example they would like to develop a tour that tourists can do without tourist guide in person that includes a visit at the small town of Otavalo to visit some local families that speak little English and a local rum company where nobody speaks English. Another example is the possibilitiy to have a stay-over in an animal refugee, but where is no tourist information available in English
- Write an comunicationplan to project the sustainable site of this company towards both final customers as towards agents

- Make preperation for the ITB fair in Berlin

- Write a practical recommendation guide, based on an analysis of the actual sustainability level of the company and its products, on how to become more 'green' and sustainable without big investments. Hereby you can think of the day-to-day business activities for the Spanish school and travel agency, but also how to make the travel packages more sustainable.
- Development of new tourism/school products, such as: creating group activities and implementing marketing tools.

A normal day would include a part working at the travel agency collaborating in every day tasks. This depends on the student: could be sales, website information maintenance, administration assistance, etc. The other part the student would dedicate to his/her specific project. Working days are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, with one hour lunch break. How the work will be divided depends on the demands of you University.

Your internship supervisor will be one of the Dutch owners. A desk including a computer will be available for you at the office. This internship company provides a shared room in their studenthouse for free, as a reward for your efforts as a intern.

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