VACANT:108 - Business/Economics
Organisatie: Supermarket chain Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization
This big company (814 employees) is part of a complete private supply chain. It consists of a chain of 28 supermarkets, comparable with Albert Heijn in terms of presentation, target groups, wholesale, and retail of several products. The mission of the mother company is to improve the quality of life, and reduce the costs of life for their customers, co-workers, associates, providers and the community in general, by offering products and services of optimal quality in the most efficient way with excellent attendance to their public. The vision of the mother company is to be the most efficient and lucrative commercial chain of America, offering the best service and attention to the customer.
Activities for interns

Examples of possibilities:
·         Developing a marketing strategy to promote the own brand. This brand consists of purely Ecuadorian products, unfortunately the customers are not aware of this
·         Branding of Ecuadorian products (a side of the own brand) along with a big governmental campaign. The chain of supermarkets would like to persuade the customers to buy nationally produced products. These products have the image of being expensive, which is not necessarily the case.
Guidance and remarks
During your internship, you will be working at the head office of the concerning department. You will get a qualified supervisor. Many employees are highly educated and relatively many speak English. However, Spanish is the corporate language and will be the language you have to use for your reports, meetings, and other activities during your internship. You need to speak at least intermediate Spanish to be able to get an internship here. This means you already need to be speaking at least beginner Spanish upon arriving in Ecuador and then have an intensive language course at our Spanish School in Quito.
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