VACANT:107 - Business/Economics
Organisatie: Fashion & Recycling Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization

This company is founded by young enthusiastic people, who believe that large companies (which invest a significant amount of money in publicity) are also socially responsible regarding their waste materials. The municipality of Quito has no restrictions about waste management for companies (besides chemicals). For this reason, this company would like to give companies an alternative which is rewarded with positive publicity. They are collaborating with various large marketing companies as well as large companies in Ecuador which use a lot of publicity material. They create objects and accessories that can be sold and hence given a second life out of waste materials. Those materials can vary from publicity banners, PET bottles, car and bicycle tyres, etc.

Activities for interns
Examples of possibilities:

• Marketing and communication: contributing to the development of an environmental consciousness campaign for Quito and other major cities where users of FUI products can be found
• Sales & Marketing: Extending sales territory of FUI products within Ecuador as well as abroad by creating a sales and marketing plan with a special focus on the Dutch or European market
• From the Ecuadorian Embassy in Holland this organisation has been promised a stand on the big fashion fair in the Netherlands in July 2011 (de Modefabriek). As an intern you can help prepare this fair attendance
• Logistics/ Export: expecting that the fair attendance in July 2011 will lead to sales in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe you can already start making an export plan. What has to be done before a big load of product can be shipped to Europe? What is the legislation and costs involved? How to calculate this into the selling price?

Guidance and remarks
The organization has a central office, where office work and the production takes place. There work 6 fulltime employees and 10 freelancers at this organization. 
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